November 5, 2016

A Weekend in Idaho

We drove up to Idaho for a quick trip last weekend. Dave's brother is a guest professor at BYU-Idaho right now, so his family is living near Rexburg, and Dave's mom flew in to surprise our nephew, Lincoln, for his birthday. We were glad we could join the fun!

We were supposed to head out right after I finished work on Thursday, but that morning I woke up to discover my phone had burned/melted while it was charging. Bad luck! On top of needing to get a new phone, I had also been running a fever for over a week and decided that maybe I should run to the Instacare just to make sure I wasn't bringing some disease to the rest of the family. After both situations were taken care of, we packed up the car and started out. Leaving late meant we had to do the entire drive in the dark, BUT the kids also slept the whole time - awesome!

Our first day there was rainy. We drove out to a ranch house owned by Cindy's family and enjoyed time playing games, eating yummy food, and chatting. The next day we drove to Rexburg to visit the BYU-I campus, where we walked through some gardens, had lunch and saw where Tim lectures for his art class. After our campus visit, we went back to the ranch house and were able to enjoy some cool outdoor activities, like a zip line and really huge slides, before heading home the next morning. Thanks for hosting us Tim & Cindy!

A quite moment brought to you by the iPad - technology can be a wonderful thing

Sophie picked out a Jumping Monkey game to give Lincoln for his birthday, and was very excited for him to open it so she could take a turn playing :)

It was colder than expected, so Davey wore a beanie we found in the car, Sophie took my hoodie to wear over her coat, I took Dave's hoodie to wear under my coat, and Dave's hairiness kept him warm

I always take a million pictures of the kids, but sometimes we remember to get in too!

There were a lot of cool art pieces, but these two were my favorite :)

The sun came out Saturday afternoon so we were able to enjoy some ranch house fun!

It's always fun to see grandma and cousins - I'm so glad we could make the trip!

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