October 2, 2016

Little Buddies

Now that Davey is sitting well, it's been fun to see these two finally start to interact more. Right now she has all the control, and he is mostly ok with it, but the balance will start to shift over the next few months as he becomes mobile and better able to compete for toys and attention. I'm already dreading trying to keep all her little treasures out of his mouth. For now though, I'm glad they like each other and are able to start having fun together!

(Although just after I posted this she told me she didn't want to him to touch any of her things or to look at her....sigh. Sounds like the sibling rivalry has also started)

Playing in the sand at the Curiosity Museum

On a walk in the double stroller - I catch Sophie turning around all the time to pet his hair

First time in the tub together - he LOVED it, she took a little longer to warm up to the idea, but is looking forward to doing it again.

Napkin Heads

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