October 17, 2016

Davey at 7 Months

I feel like I was writing the 6 month update just yesterday, and now here we are at 7 months. I've said it before, but this boy is an absolute joy. He is so squishy and smiley, and I seriously want to snuggle him all day, except he normally has other ideas and likes to be free to move, explore and chew anything he can get his hands on. He is not crawling, or even really scooting yet, which is fine with me. Our house is not baby proofed at all, and Sophie leaves her little toys on the floor all the time. He does have an impressive range while sitting, though, and can fold himself completely in half to try and reach something he wants. With his motivation and strength, I fear it's only a matter of weeks before we'll have a mobile baby on our hands - ahhh!

Davey at 7 Months
  • 20.5 pounds and almost 29 inches long, which is not much of change from last month. I feel like his growth is finally slowing down a bit. This is the first month he hasn't really gone up a clothing and/or diaper size.
  • Refuses to eat anything off a spoon, which is starting to get really frustrating. I've tried everything under the sun and he wants nothing to do with it. So for now I am still just breastfeeding and he eats 6-8 times a day. 
  • Goes down for naps and night without much fuss, but still can't sleep through the night. He's been our roommate for the last month while we've worked on sleep training, but we can't seem to drop the 3 am feeding. Hopefully the next update will include him sleeping 12 hours straight in his own crib :)  
  • Takes 2-3 naps a day and one of them is usually 2+ hours.
  • Still no teeth
  • Has finally decided to let me cut his fingernails without too much of a fight, which is nice since they grow so dang fast. 
  • Loves the bath and waves his arms as soon as the faucet turns on, but after about 10 minutes will go from happy to mad in a matter of seconds to let you know he's had enough and wants out. 
  • We realized it was probably time to start reading to him and he has really enjoyed it. 
  • Sophie is all the entertainment he really needs. He doesn't seem to care when she takes his toys, or is just a little too rough - a typical younger sibling. 

Just in case you thought he was always smiley....

He will only sleep on his stomach these days. He also loves to bury his face in this yellow blanket, which makes me nervous, but somehow he seems to breathe just fine.

He always wants to have whatever we are holding at the moment. He will lunge and dive bomb until it either disappears or he gets what he wants. Luckily he doesn't know how to use a straw yet :)

It's starting to get colder on our evening walks - time for the puffy coat!

This boy loves the sand box at the Curiosity Museum. He has finally learned not to eat it, but this last time I did have to dig a bunch out of he ear. No idea how it got in there...

Loving tub time

♥ My big boy in the fall leaves 

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