October 23, 2016

Crazy Sundays

Sophie had some crazy energy today. Sundays are hard on kids, and parents. All I ever want to do is take a nap, and she just wants to play, play, play! After trying to rein her in at church, then fight through lunch, and then have "quiet time" while baby brother napped, she needed a release.

Dave took both kids outside, and after I cleaned up the house a bit, I brought the camera out to take some pictures. There isn't much to do in our backyard, but she ran, twirled, jumped and rolled. And since I had the camera, she also decided to do some "tricks" like jumping on one leg, kicking like a donkey, and throwing a ball as high as she could. It was fun to see her soooo happy!

She was thrilled when I showed her the picture on the right and told her that she threw the ball higher than the houses. It's all about perspective :)

Davey had all the entertainment a boy needs - some cars to scatter and a crazy sister to watch

I love it when I can get a natural smile out of her - they are rare!

I showed Sophie how to use the camera and she took this picture of us

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