September 20, 2016

Davey at 6 Months

Our baby boy is 6 months old! He is a little chunk and oh so squishable. I give him at least 100 kisses a day. He is a happy, cheerful little guy that is pretty easy going unless he is hungry or tired, and then he demands your attention. I am really trying to savor these baby days because in the next few months he is going to starting crawling, and pulling up on stuff, and then standing and walking and I'm just not quite ready for it - ahhh!

Davey at 6 Months
  • By my measurements, weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches long. We have a well child visit next week and I'm sure they'll find he's growing just fine. 
  • Wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothing. Now that we are starting to have some cooler weather, I'm finding that he needs bigger sizes for length and chub, but his arms must be short because long sleeves are always a bit too long. 
  • Had his first taste of real food this last week. Oatmeal was rejected, but he seemed to like the sweet potatoes we gave him today. 
  • Is a full time sitter and does fine without support. It is both weird and wonderful to be able to just plop him down on the ground and scatter some toys to keep him entertained. 
  • Has become attached to a blanket we are calling "Yellow" (you know, to go with Pink and Purple). As soon as you hand it to him he grabs in and buries his face in it. 
  • We are starting to wonder if he is able to roll from his tummy to his back. He flips onto his stomach super easy, but we haven't seen him go the other way in a long time. I think he forgot how... 
  • Sleep is still a work in progress. He takes great naps, but still wakes 2-4 times at night. Sometimes it's because he is truly hungry, but other times it's a more of a social visit so I think we are ready to start sleep training. Now that he can roll, he also sleeps on his stomach most of the time. 
  • Still no teeth. I have mixed feelings on this. I like that he can't bite me yet, and can gnaw on things without ruining them, but these little teeth have been taking forever!! 
  • He always has something to say, normally in loud, sort of angry voice. This month he also starting making the "ma" sound and loves to say it over and over.
  • Favorites include shredding the mail, playing with cords, pulling hair, looking in the mirror, watching Sophie and having people smile at him. 
Hello handsome

Taking a nap with Yellow

Still loves the jumper

Is slowing coming along in the hair department. The top has grown longer and thicker, but the sides really haven't changed much since he was a newborn. At least it doesn't take much maintenance!

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