September 3, 2016

August Roundup

Oh August... I'm relieved that you are over. August was a fun, busy, crazy month for us. It's still summer so there are so many activities going on, but it's also when I start back at work, and the kids start back at the babysitters, and Dave starts back at school and our schedule is just so FULL. Now that September has arrived, I feel like we've managed to settle into a good routine and are breathing just a bit easier. 

Now for some moments from the last month:

The big hail storm we had knocked a bunch of leaves off the tree in our backyard. Sophie helped me rake them up, and then enjoyed jumping in the pile. 

One day while getting the mail with Sophie, I dropped our keys down the storm drain right by the mail box. I saw them drop, and tried to grab them, but they slipped right through the grate and fell down into some dark water. Later that day I was able to fish them out with a magnet on a long string - go me!!

My goober girl

During the Olympics Cafe Rio had a promotion to save $2 off each meal if you ordered online. On one of our orders we also got a coupon for a free dessert and Sophie had her first taste of Tres Leches. I wish she was always this eager to try new foods!

The kids in their "America" clothes on the day of the closing ceremonies

Dave started his 23rd year of school this August - crazy!! I had to double check my math because I seriously can't believe it's been that long. After graduating from 12th grade, he spent 4 years as an undergrad, 2 more on his MBA, and is now in his 5th year of PhD. 

I took the kids to a new park in Pleasant Grove called Manila Creek Pond. It was so fun! I wish we had known about it earlier. There is great little swimming/sand area and Sophie played happily for a few hours while Davey and I watched from the shade. 

Every Friday I get off work an hour earlier than normal so we normally stop by Thanksgiving Point on our way home. Davey is now big enough to sit at the water table at the Curiosity Museum and loved it!!

My big boy looking handsome for church. Seriously though, he's square shaped, and I love it!

The nights are starting to cool off  (hooray!), but the days are still warm enough for swimming.  It was so fun to use my aunt's pool while we were staying down in Provo. Davey is strong enough to hold himself up in a float now, and Sophie was a daredevil on the slide and diving board. 

Video: Sophie going down the slide

My parents came for a quick visit at the very end of the month. While they were in town we went to the aquarium, and also invited my grandma to join us. 

The reason for my parents trip, other than seeing us, was the Coldplay concert!! I had seen them twice before in 2005 and 2008, and it was amazing to see them again. We were 10 rows from the top, but it was still a fantastic show!

And I finally remembered to take a picture of the kids with their grandparents! I forgot during both our summer visits, but got this one right before they had to leave. 

"Do you know why naked feet are called bare feet? It's because bears don't wear shoes."

"I can take care of myself, all by myself"  - a fitting description of a 3-year old, if I ever heard one.

Sophie always tells me she needs to go potty during check out at the grocery store. After asking her why she never tells me earlier, she explained, "I just don't need to go, but then at the check out my potty just wakes up." Sigh. 

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