August 12, 2016

What the Hail?!

On Saturday afternoon Sophie and I were both in my bed attempting to take a nap (I was closing my eyes, while she kept snaking all the way down under the bedspread before popping out at the foot of the bed), when we suddenly heard super loud pounding on the roof. We ran downstairs and opened the front door to find the biggest hail storm I've ever seen. It wasn't Texas big, but impressive by Utah standards.

I grabbed a few hail stones for Sophie to hold because she didn't understand what was going on when I said "balls of ice are falling from the sky!"

One of our cars was already undercover, but I was worried about our other car out in the open possible getting damaged. It probably would have been fine, but Dave was gone, and I panicked and put on my coat, grabbed an umbrella and ran out to pull it into the neighbor's carport. It felt like getting hit by paintballs and my shoes got soaked because there was so much water in the parking lot. After that I went back inside to watch the storm from the window with Sophie. It lasted about 15 minutes, and then the clouds cleared and the sun came out. Sophie and I went out exploring, because by some miracle, Davey slept through the whole thing!

The storm drains couldn't handle the water and our parking lot became a little lake. It took my shoes a few days to dry out, and we discovered Sophie's boots were not 100% water tight. 

Inspecting the mountain of hail that ran off the roof

More splashing and a better view of the flooded street

These are so cold mommy!

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