August 2, 2016

Texas Summer 2016

We spent the second half of July visiting friends and family in Texas. We missed Tim and Cindy's family, who had moved to Idaho just a week earlier, but were able to see everyone else a few times during our trip. I was sort of a failure when it came to taking pictures, especially of the kids with their grandparents and when we were together with friends, but know that we had a great time even though it's not going to be documented here. Sophie absolutely loved this trip because we went swimming pretty much every other day while we were there. What else are you supposed to do when it's humid and almost 100 degrees?!

I wish I could say Davey was pleasant on the plane... not taking a binky has really made things difficult. He slept for about 30 minutes and then spent the rest of flight being angry (aka loud). 

Sophie went to gymnastics with her cousin Emma the first full day we were there. She LOVED it! We are still hearing about walking like a bear and when she got in trouble for climbing up the slide. She also thought it was neat that no mommies came to watch them - it was just kids!

We enjoyed a lazy morning while Sophie had fun at gymnastics - double win!

We did a lot of evening swims when the pool was shaded and we didn't need to worry about sun screen. The kids both loved cruising around on grandma's rafts. 

Grandma also had this mask and it transformed Sophie into a little fish. She instantly lost all fear of going underwater and spent the night diving in to look for things on the bottom of the kiddie pool. 

On Friday we went downtown with Dave's mom and Liz to the Perot museum and then out to lunch. We got free admission thanks to my Thanksgiving Point membership. Sophie and I enjoyed the exhibits, while Dave hunted for Pokemon :)

On Saturday we had a pool party with friends. There are 10 kids between us now and it was pretty crazy! There has been another round of babies and it was fun to see everyone's new addition. We failed to get a picture of all the kids, but here is Davey on his first date with Jada, who is just one month younger. 

More swimming! This time we went over to Greg's house for dinner and then went to the pool afterward.

Dave had some rough nights while we were there, but always woke up happy

On Monday we went to see Secret Life of Pets. Sophie saw one commercial for it where a wiener dog uses a kitchen mixer to massage his back, thought it was the funnies thing ever, and decided in that moment she wanted to see the movie. It was fun to see her excited face when we saw that part in the theater. She was also thrilled to have a whole bucket of popcorn to herself!

Davey got lots of cuddles from Aunt Liz. She had the magic touch with him and could always calm the beast for nap. 

Swimming again!

On Wednesday Dave went to a Rangers game with his dad, brother, and nephew Jack. They sat on the first row and it sounded incredible. This is the picture of all the food they bought BEFORE realizing their seats came with an all-you-can-eat prime rib buffet. Hah!

Sophie has always loved puzzles, but really hit her stride while we were in Texas. She is a master (like her momma) and can now do 24 piece puzzles without help. 

Loving bath time

Playing some Wii

Nap time with daddy

 This is Sophie's kids meal - everything's bigger in Texas!

Clearly he didn't think "pants on your head" was a funny as we did

Sophie and Davey in their matching church outfits made by grandma, from one of grandpa's old shirts. I really wished they could have been sitting with grandpa for this picture, but he was speaking on Sunday and had already left for church. They sure looked cute!

On the way home... Adding another kid has made trips more difficult, but Sophie really is an amazing traveler. We just plug her in, give her snacks and don't have to worry about anything other than the baby until we land. 

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