August 20, 2016

Davey at 5 Months

I absolutely love this little boy. We all do. And he's growing so fast. While I've been busy with travel, and work, and Sophie, and all the day-to-day stuff, he's changed from a little newborn into a bouncing, drooling, giggly boy. He's at a fun age and really interacting with us more, but we are also staring to need to keep a closer eye on him. One night we suddenly looked over and he was holding a dinner knife, and the other day he wiggled right out of the bouncey seat. He is fast and really has perfected the two-hand grab, and will snatch anything that comes into his range. This boy's going to be trouble when he's mobile...

Davey at 5 Months
  • Is 28 inches and 18 pounds, pretty much double his birth weight. I can barely squish his sausage arms and legs into pajamas these days. 
  • Wearing size 3 diapers and 12 month clothing, although I still have all the 9 month stuff in his drawer because, even though it's getting tight, I have a hard time letting go. 
  • Still all gums, which is great because his cue that he's hungry is to bite down on my shoulder and that's going to hurt once his little teeth come in.
  • Goes down for 11-12 hours at night with 1-2 feedings. He also takes 3 naps a day for 1-2 hours each. His feedings rarely last longer than 10 minutes - he's a speed demon!
  • Does not like to sit (he goes rigid when I try to put him down on his bum), but if I can get him in the position he can do it independently for shorts periods of time. 
  • Can roll both directions when he feels like it, but normally doesn't care to even try until I put him down in the crib. Then he rolls around like a wild man. 
  • We haven't started solids yet (no growth concerns with this chunker), but might try them next month. 
  • Sometimes his hair looks reddish in photos, but I think it's just his pink head showing through. I'm 95% certain it's going to be brown when the rest of it comes in. 

He loves to suck on his toes. If he had discovered his feet a month earlier it would have been great entertainment on our car trip. 

This was the first moment I actually saw him roll back-to-front. I find him in different positions and places all the time, but rarely see the moment he makes a move. 

Love those squishy cheeks and long eyelashes

Anything he manages to get his hands on goes straight into his mouth - you have been warned!

Video: Davey adores Sophie. I remember feeling guilty at the beginning for how much attention he was taking away from her, but I am so glad she will have a sibling to grow up with. I'm sure they will have plenty of fights, but he is going to be her buddy for life. 

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