July 17, 2016

Sammamish Summer 2016 - Part Two (4th of July)

We had a typical northwest 4th of July, meaning that it was cool and rainy.  We hung around the house in the day and let the kids play. Luckily the weather was never enough to threaten the fireworks, and we were able to go out on the boat in the evening to watch the lake show which never disappoints!

Sophie with her cousins Will and Anne. They played so well this trip! Sophie is already looking forward to seeing them again at Christmas. 

My dad grilling our burgers in the rain

The kids had some ice cream cones out on the deck where they could watch little firework shows going off around the lake. Sophie insisted she wasn't cold, but it made me shiver to look at her. 

Only in the northwest would you need to wear a down coat in July :)

Once it got dark we went down to lake. The neighbors do a good show off their dock that we watched before going out on the boat. The noise was a bit much for Sophie because they were right over our head, but she wasn't scared!

A lovely picture of us on the boat headed out for the big show. Davey was a brick in his life jacket, but didn't protest too much and eventually fell asleep and stayed out for the rest of the night. 

The fireworks are launched from a barge in the middle of the lake and from our boat we are able to get great view! My favorite part is hearing the echo off the surrounding mountains, and seeing the reflection off the water. God bless America!!

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