July 18, 2016

Sammamish Summer 2016 - Part Three

RASPBERRIES One of the best parts of going home is the raspberries! Washington is one of the top raspberry producing states in the country and our July trip normally corresponds with the picking season. We go to Harvold's farm in Carnation and this year we brought home 29 pounds!! Most of the berries were used for jam (I made 10 batches this year) and the rest went into crumble, smoothies, or straight to our stomach :)

ORCA SPLASH PARK We took the kids to a nearby splash pad and playground for a picnic lunch. It was overcast when we arrived, so we ate first, but then the sun came out and it warmed up enough for the kids to get wet. Sophie was really timid at first, but her cousin Anne helped encourage her, and by the end she was even climbing up the big whale!

REMLINGER FARMS FUN PARK We almost canceled this adventure due to rain, but at the last minute decided to go and we're so glad we did! It was still sprinkling when we arrived, but soon cleared up and the bad weather helped keep some of the crowds away. Some of the "attractions" made me laugh, but the kids were the perfect age to enjoy the park and were able to go on all the rides except the pedal cars. Sophie and Will really loved the roller coaster and rode it three times. Other highlights were the mini Ferris Wheel, the hay pit, and train ride. 

BOATING We had to go out on the boat in shifts this trip since someone always needed to stay behind with Dave. Unfortunately this means I was never able to see Dave do anything, but he did take a video of one of his wake board runs for me so I could watch later and he has improved a lot in the last few years! I was able to water ski a couple times and Sophie took a tube ride. We also took turns in the kayaks. I'm looking forward to next year when Davey can participate more!

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