July 18, 2016

Sammamish Summer 2016 - Part Four

DINNER & PUTTING AT SAHALE We always love to go have dinner at the country club while we're in town. These nice dinners are getting a little more hectic with each grandchild added to the family, but everyone was on pretty good behavior. After eating we went out to put around on the practice green. 

IDLYWOOD BEACH We actually went to Idylwood twice on our trip. The first visit was to just take the kids to the playground, but they saw the sand and went down to play by the water even though it was cold and wet. Since they loved it so much we decided it would be fun to go back again, this time prepared with swimsuits, sand toys, and towels. It was also July 11th (free Slurpee day!) so we made a trip to 7-11 on our way there and let everyone enjoy their treat down at the beach. The kids had a blast and could have played for hours. Sophie was the designated water hauler and made about 50 trips to the lake and back. She slept well that night :)

THE CABIN & GOLD CREEK POND The day before we left we went up to the cabin to spend some time in the mountains. In the morning Dave helped my dad cut down a huge tree in the back yard that had died. We went out to watch it "timber!" and then the boys spend the next few hours clearing away branches and cutting the tree into log rounds for fire wood. After they were done we took a walk around Gold Creek Pond. The water is perfectly clear and the wildflowers were in full bloom - so beautiful! For dinner we went to all you can eat Taco Thursday at a local restaurant and I was able to put away three before calling it a night. It was a good end to a great trip

My summer girl with band aids on both knees

Throwing big rocks
Yee haw!

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