July 9, 2016

June Roundup

We are in Washington right now, but I can't start blogging all our vacation fun until finish out June. It was a pretty low key month. I worked for three weeks at the school to get ready for next year, but also had a lot of time off to do stuff with the kids. Dave started the job application process (!!!!), Sophie finally started telling us when she has to go potty (instead of the other way around), and Davey was just his pleasant self. We also signed the lease on our town home for the fourth and final year. Our landlord has been great and only raised the rent once by $25 over the four year period. The heat arrived and we had several 100 degree days that made us extra excited to head out for the cooler northwest.

Enjoying the sharks at the aquarium

Chatting with daddy

Sophie LOVES bath and takes a good 90 minute bubble soak every other day

Playing wedding princesses

Watching some morning cartoons

My handsome boy

After seeing Doc McStuffins hold her baby sister on TV, Sophie finally started showing some interest in Davey and asked if he could sit next to her for a minute. 

Chilling poolside

And some Sophie moments:
  • We were at the store and I was getting something off the top shelf and she told me "Mommy, you are too medium to reach high things."
  • Sometimes she will ask me if I need a new battery when I look tired, and then pretend to put one in my back to give me more energy. If only it was that easy...

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