July 19, 2016

Davey at Four Months

Davey is now four months old! Time seems to be going so much faster with him than Sophie, and I can't believe how fast my little boy is growing. We took him in for a check up (and shots, poor baby) on Monday and he is just thriving. Current stats are 26.5 inches (95%) and 16 pounds 15 ounces (80%). We really put him to the test with a road trip to Seattle and he did very well. I'm hoping our flight to Texas tomorrow goes just as smoothly. We are excited for him to meet our friends and the rest of the Howe family!

Davey at 4 Months
  • He slept through the night for about 10 days in a row while we were on vacation and it was wonderful! He has since gone back to waking up one or two times to eat. I think he's getting to the point where milk doesn't sustain him, but we're going to hold off solids for now. 
  • Is ready to move up to Size 3 diapers, but we still have a bunch of size 2 to use up. I had no idea he would move through sizes so fast and bought a few more than I should have. 
  • Is wearing size 9 months, but I am still squishing him into a few size 6 month clothes that I'm just not ready to put away yet. 
  • Loves to be carried in the front pack. I turned him around to face out a few weeks ago and he loves it! Unfortunately he's getting pretty heavy and I can only carry him for 30-40 minutes before I start getting tired. 
  • No sign of teeth yet, but I expect to see them break through any day now. He's been pretty cranky, drools like crazy, and loves it when I rub his gums. 
  • Has complete control of his head and neck, and is now working on strengthening his core. He sits really well supported, and can sit independently for brief periods before toppling over. Sophie was sitting by 5 months, and I think he might be on the same track. He can also roll onto his side, but doesn't really seem interested in trying to go any further. 
  • Grabs anything and everything to try and put it in his mouth. I normally wear my hair up, but now I do it that way even more. He's always grabbing handfuls of it and it's really hard to untangle his little fingers. 
Took his first bath without the bath seat. At first he screamed, but now LOVES splashing in the water and his legs kick a mile and minute the whole time he's in there. 

Getting acquainted with the baby (and momma) in the mirror

My parents have a walker that we used while we were visiting. He did really well standing in it, and after a few days starting scooting along. By the time we left he was cruising both forward and backward all around the kitchen. 

Has discovered his toes! He is always curling up his feet now to try and grab them. 

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