June 6, 2016

Shopping Spree

My family loves getting a good deal, so naturally thrift stores are one of our favorite places to shop.  Today was an especially exciting day because I had a coupon for 75% off kids clothes at Savers and I went crazy! I only picked up a few things for Sophie since I already have clothes put away for her, but Davey needed an entire fall/winter wardrobe so I really stocked up. Apparently no one is looking for long sleeve clothes and pants when it's 90 degrees out so I was able to find lots of good stuff. The only area where I fell short was pajamas, but buying all this filled up a whole punch card so I'll be able to go back for round two sometime soon :)

A new record for longest receipt!

Davey's Haul - 31 items for $15.75

Sophie's Stuff - 4 Items for $3.25

1 comment:

Natalie Fish said...

That's a ridiculous good deal!! You should win a thrifty award.