June 4, 2016

May Roundup

May was another busy month for us, but things are slowly starting to wind down and we are just a few weeks from our summer trips. At the beginning of the month I went back to work and the kids started at a new babysitter. Dave received a teaching award from the Department of Management at the U, and had to defend his dissertation proposal, In the middle of the month we traveled to Portland for my brother's wedding, and then cam back and packed up again for Provo, where we spent 10 days at my aunt's house while she was out of town.

Random Pictures from May:

Dave taking care of business in the morning. It's been a challenge to be out the door for work by 9:00 am every morning, but we haven't been late yet!

My big boy. It's amazing how much he changes over just a month. These pictures from the beginning of May don't even really look like him anymore. 

Sophie with some of her neighborhood friends

Enjoying the trampoline at my Aunt Susan's house

Davey Boy

Sophie Girl

Chilling after a day at work

Happy napper

Big eyes in the morning. One of Sophie's favorite things to say is "wow! brother's eyes are HUGE!"

Rainy day fun

Picnic at the park

I also wanted to start keeping a record of some things that Sophie says/does because she's at such a funny age and I don't want to forget these moments:
  • One night she had an accident in her bed, but we didn't find out until the morning because in the middle of the night she changed her pajamas, put all her dirty blankets and animals in the washer, and then took a quilt off the rocking chair and laid it over the wet spot on her bed. We weren't thrilled about the accident, but we were pretty impressed that she was able to take care of things herself!
  • We were watching playoff basketball and during the Golden State/Oklahoma City series Dave commented about how this might be the first time he ever supported the Thunder and Sophie said, "Daddy, you shouldn't cheer for Thunder. Thunder is dangerous."
  • After using a q-tip to clean up some stray nail polish on her finger she told me, "Wow! That q-tip was magical!"
  • One night Sophie asked Dave to "decorate" her in jammies. She meant "dress",

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