June 6, 2016

First Swim of Summer

Our neighborhood pool is now open for the summer and last Friday we had a swim party with friends. We have a good group of kids Sophie's age in our ward, plus quite a few babies for Davey to be friends with down the road. I'm so glad I was off work that day so I could take the kids! Afterwards we all came home and took naps together. It was such a fun day and we can't wait to get together again soon.

Davey chilling in the lounge chair - I dipped his toes in for a minute, but there wasn't any shade so he mostly observed the fun from the sidelines

An attempt at a group photo. We didn't take it until the end so naturally some kids refused to sit down, some were crying, and some kept falling in. Oh well. Not pictured are a couple of the big kids and the 5 babies. 

My little mermaid

Make a big splash!

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