May 4, 2016

Painting the Fence

For some reason Crayola paints were on sale for earth day (I don't really understand the connection, but nice for us!), so I bought Sophie the 10 pack. On Saturday I diluted them with water, gave her sponge brush, and let her paint our vinyl fence! I have never let her do anything with paints so she LOVED it. It was a great activity until she got upset about me mixing orange wrong, which led to some paint dumping, and a ticket inside for her. Oh the emotions of a three year old...

The only downside was the clean up didn't go quite as smooth as I had hoped.  Almost all of the paint sprayed right off with the hose, but I didn't dilute the blue enough and it didn't come off as easy. I had to get out the gloves, brush, and put in some elbow grease to get the fence back to white. Now I know for next time!

She asked me to paint a "Sophie"

My artist with her mural

Back to white again!

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Angela said...

What cool paints and you have the perfect fence for them. I am a substitute teacher now (after taking an 18 year break to have and raise kids). I try to sub twice each week at nearby elementary schools. It is weird and kind of awesome being a teacher again. Everyday is a new adventure with funny stories to share with my family at dinner. I bet you feel the same way about your job in the elementary school office.