May 22, 2016

Derek's Wedding

Last week we flew to Portland for my brother's wedding. It was our first trip with two kids and it it went well, but was definitely a little more challenging than before! Luckily every one took pity on us at the airport and they let us go in the priority lane, someone held Davey during security, we had help getting our bags from the gate to the plane, and then from our seats back to the gate.

After landing we went to my parents hotel where Sophie was able to swim with her cousins

The wedding was at the Portland temple. Sophie and Davey waited in the atrium with their cousins while we went up for the sealing. Part of being the oldest meant that none of my siblings were able to attend my sealing because they weren't endowed yet, but now I have been able to attend all of theirs which is a fair trade off :) After the sealing I gave my congratulations and then hurried down so I could feed Davey before the newlyweds came out and we started taking pictures. It was a grey, rainy day, but so great to be with family and see my brother so happy with his new bride!

The flower girls

Derek and Faye

Sophie made sure she was the second one to kiss the groom

It was a hard weekend for Sophie - she missed nap three days in a row and stayed up two to three hours past bedtime each night. It took her a few days to recover after we got back. 

After the ceremony there was a family luncheon at the Spaghetti Factory, and then we went over to a chapel for a reception. Sophie had been looking forward to dancing and cake so she was really excited for this part. The food was delicious, the decorations were beautiful, and we had a great time celebrating the happy couple. 

Great Grandma Lambert snatched Davey whenever she could :)

Four generations - my grandma Mimi, my mom, myself, and Sophie

Dancing with daddy

On the way back to Utah our flight was unfortunately delayed three hours, and then the shuttle that came to pick us up took an hour instead of 10 minutes so we arrived home much later than planned. Both kids were troopers and even fit in a nap at the gate while we were waiting for our flight. We are so glad we were able to make the trip though - it was a great weekend and so exciting to welcome Faye into our family!

We didn't want to pay to check bags so we were quite the circus caravan - two adults, two kids, three suitcases, three backpacks, two car seats, two strollers (one of which was accidentally left in Portland) a diaper bag, and a travel bassinet. 

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