May 3, 2016

April Roundup

April has come to an end and we are so excited that summer is just around the corner! We had a few glimpses of it mixed in with the rainy days and it's given Sophie summer fever. She can't wait for the pool to open in a few weeks. Davey continues to grow and is turning into quite the chunker. He has been smiling for a few days now, but it's been tough to catch on camera. I am back at work at the school, which only has a short 3.5 weeks left until summer break - hooray! And Dave is still plugging away at his PhD. He earned the student teaching award for his department this year, and is getting ready to defend his dissertation next week. The end is near!

And now a TON of photos, especially of Davey. It's been so fun having him around and he doesn't run away when I get out the camera :)

Dave took Sophie to her first ever kids workshop at Home Depot. She got to build and paint a butterfly house, which is currently being used to store her necklaces. 

Playing doctor with daddy

Getting acquainted with the Disney princesses

Tough Guy

Helping mom make dinner

Afternoon naps are the best

One rainy/hailing day we went to the mall for an indoor picnic

 My little chunker

Playing xbox with dad

Late one night I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. It scared me to death, and when I opened the blinds in turned out to be a cat. Our yard is surrounded by other yards and has no outside access, so I called Dave down and he picked it up and threw it out the front door. Then 20 minutes later it came back and he moved it out again. In the morning it had returned once more. It hung out all day before finally deciding our yard was no fun.

Sophie drew her first "real" picture. This is a rainbow, with a sun, and some clouds. 

Snuggling my little buddy

Sleep smiles

Playing go "night night" together

Big yawns

Enjoying a brief stretch 80 degree weather

My muscle man

I have no idea what he's looking at in this picture...

Almost a real smile

My handsome chunk

His favorite past time is looking at the ceiling fan; Second favorite is spitting/peeing on our sheets.

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Natalie Fish said...

Can't wait to see you guys next week! Although after reading your last blog post, I'm not sure if Sophie will be entertained in our tiny house . . . it sounds like she goes on a fun outing every day!