April 14, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

We've had this little guy for almost one month and things are honestly going really well. My days are full of feedings, diapers, laundry, cleaning, and loving on two kids, but I am enjoying my time at home. I'm a little sad about my leave ending in 2.5 weeks, but I do have more time off this summer to look forward to. We've been loving the spring weather and have been trying to venture out at least once a day. Of course it takes forever to actually get out the door (which has me worried for 9 am church), but it really helps all of us to do something, even if it's just a neighborhood walk. I'm still holding my breath for things to get more difficult, but as of right now I'm staying afloat!

As much as I don't want to always compare everything about him to Sophie, it has been a different experience this time around. With Sophie the first 6-8 weeks were a daze. I remember being so, so tired. It was a challenge to find time to shower or even eat lunch. She was a night owl and I spent countless hours up with her when she just wouldn't sleep. Davey has already settled into sort of a schedule and will sleep for a couple longer stretches each night. We have some 3 am parties now and then, but I do make it to bed most nights.

Sophie was also very particular about nursing. She was a good eater, but liked to be held a certain way, and I had to coax her into latching where this boy jumps right on and will literally eat until he throws up if I don't cut him off. Right now I feel like the only limit on his ability to sleep longer at night is his crazy appetite. He has passed the 10 pound mark and is already starting to outgrow size 3 month clothing.

And now lots of pictures! These pictures span only 8 days, but it's crazy how much he changes and grows from week to week. We are blessing him this weekend and are excited for him to meet his Howe grandparents, and to see my parents again. He has changed a lot since they were last here!

Very suspicious of the camera...

Bath is still not a favorite - he spends the whole time either crying, or thinking about crying

I never really co-slept with Sophie, but have done it a lot more with Davey and I think it's helped both of us get the rest we need. He loves to lay next to me and we've had some good naps together. 

He started out a couple feet from me, but always ends up snuggled at my side by the end


And of course a few of Sophie.... Other than being a bit emotional at times she has handled the transition pretty well. She still isn't interested in physically interacting with him (she told me the other day that she didn't need to hold him because she did that last year), but is concerned about his happiness and anxious for him to grow up so they can play together. 

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