April 24, 2016

Blessing Day for Davey

David William Howe was blessed last Sunday at church. My mom made the dress that Sophie was blessed in, so I thought it would be special if Dave's mom made the outfit Davey would be blessed in. She did an amazing job and even made the little tie that I asked for - he looked so handsome!

My Little Man

We were lucky to have so much family in town to celebrate with us. My dad, my father-in-law, my grandpa, Brodie, Derek and Jeremy were able to be in the circle, and my sister Natalie wrote down part of the blessing, which is great because I don't remember anything from Sophie's blessing and I'm a little sad about it. Afterwards we had a brunch at our house. Dave and my mother-in-law made an egg, cheese, sausage and hash brown concoction in the crock pot that everyone really enjoyed - a Pinterest success!

Me and my boy

The Howe Family

The Great Grandparents

The Lambert Family

A fruit rainbow made by my mom. We also had cinnamon rolls, the egg casserole, and juice - yum!

Getting help from dad with his tie

And just for fun we also took a picture of him in the blessing outfit worn by my dad as a baby. It was a little see through, but I'm guessing my grandma didn't have to worry about covering up a Mickey Mouse diaper back then :)

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