March 24, 2016

Sophie Turns Three!

Amid the excitement of Davey's arrival, Sophie turned three! Their birthdays will be just two days apart and I hope that doesn't cause problems in the future :) She had been looking forward to her birthday since December and was so excited that it was finally here. There is a princess calendar in her room that has been stuck on Snow White for almost two months because I told her it would be her birthday when it turned to Jasmine, so I had to wait until mid-March to change it. The morning she woke up to see Jasmine was a happy day!

Her actual birthday was on Saturday, but we celebrated on Sunday because she had another party for a friend on Saturday and I didn't want her to be confused. She would have loved to have a party with her little friends this year, but I didn't have it in me to put something together so we just celebrated with family. My parents came over, and so did Derek and Faye and my grandma Mimi. Her birthday wishes for this year were a balloon, having us sing to her and chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. We also had her favorite meal of "cheesy noodles" for dinner. She is such a special girl and we love having her in our family - Happy Birthday Sophie!

Ready for a birthday breakfast of waffles with powdered sugar

For her birthday she got a doctor kit, two books, a shovel (she picked that out at the store), an Ariel coloring book, a mermaid for the bath and some beads to make necklaces and bracelets. Not pictured here is the entire container of beads scattered all over the floor after she flung them around with the shovel. I'm still finding them days later. 

Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles

We almost lost some hair to a candle, but she put it out just in time!

These cupcakes did not taste very good, but they were exactly what she wanted

At the party Davey was able to meet Uncle D and future Aunt Faye and his great grandma

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