March 28, 2016

Easter Festivities

Saturday was the Draper city hunt at a local park. Dave took Sophie to the hunt, while I took Davey on his first grocery store shopping trip. Hundreds of people show up for the event and it gets a little crazy sometimes. The field is divided up into different age groups and Sophie was on the bigger end for her bracket, so she felt pretty confident despite the crowds.

She found her friend Paisley and they had fun talking before the hunt started

Utah Easter - sunny day, but still cold. Sophie found enough eggs to fill her little basket and then decided she was done and ready to go home. 

This year I decided Sophie was old enough to help dye eggs. She was involved in every step and helped me boil the eggs, mix the colors, and then do the dyeing. I had her take off her clothes for this activity, but she actually did a really good job and I had almost no mess to clean up.

We had a nice, quiet Easter Sunday with just our family. Sophie followed a jelly bean trail to her basket in the morning and then left with Dave for church at 9:00. I stayed home and enjoyed some one-on-one time with little Davey. After church we let her do a little egg hunt in the backyard and then we had a non-traditional dinner of soup, rolls, and jello. 

I had grand plans of getting a picture of the two kids together, but it didn't happen so they did their Easter pictures separately :) Here is Miss Sophie before church...

...and baby boy!

Sunny day for an egg hunt in our backyard! There are very few places to hide eggs, but she still had a great time, and the next morning we woke up to snow so the timing was perfect. 

Sorting out all her different treats. Not pictured are the peeps. She ate those as soon as she opened them. Next year she'll have to share this haul with Davey, but this year it's all hers (and mine). 

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