March 29, 2016

Birthday Wish

We often take Sophie over to the play space at the mall to burn off some energy. Right next to the play area is a little train that she always wants to ride, but it costs $3/person so we've been telling her that maybe it was something special we could do when she turned three. On Monday we kept our promise and she got her birthday wish and finally got to take a ride on the Mini Express.

I rode with her while Dave hung out with the baby. She was so excited that we got to sit in the caboose!

Video: It's a little out of focus, but cut Dave some slack. He was filming in one hand, and pushing a stroller through a construction zone with the other. 

And since this was a birthday treat, we let her have a sundae as a bedtime snack when we got home. I stuck in a candle in and we sang "Happy Birthday" to her one more time. She chose to put on chocolate sauce, red and blue sprinkles and one jelly bean on her ice cream - delicious!

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