March 13, 2016

39 Weeks

We hit the 39 week mark on Friday. I had my final doctor's appointment last week and everything went well. My blood pressure is awesome (100/70), he is measuring right on schedule, and had a nice strong heartbeat. I must have a comfortable womb though because Sophie was late, and brother is also showing no signs of coming anytime soon. I do have an induction scheduled for Thursday, so the end is near!

Overall I have been feeling good, and plan to work Monday and Tuesday of this week before starting my leave. I am scheduled to take 6 weeks of time off, and then plan go back in May to finish out the school year. My parents are in Idaho right now visiting my sister, and will be headed down our way to help with Sophie and the new baby. Over the weekend we also rearranged Sophie's room to fit a crib and a twin bed (more on that later), I finished cleaning my house, and we have all the essentials so now all we need is the baby. Just 4 more days!

My basketball bump. I'm only 5 pounds heavier with baby boy than I was with Sophie, but am feeling huge these days. I'm glad he's coming soon because I'm running out of things that fit!

With my sweet girl who wanted to have her picture taken too. We love her so much and are excited for her to become a big sister!

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John and Courtney Houghton said...

Congrats on littleDave!! Heard you had a st pattys baby, hope he has a little red like you :). You are tiny at 39 weeks!