February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Sophie has been really into holidays lately, so we decided to let her pick out some cards at the store a few weeks ago. It took us a good 30 minutes to choose a box of valentines because she LOVED everything on display - the cards, the trinkets, the candy, the balloons, etc... It was like dreamland for her. At first she picked out some Minion cards, but then she couldn't handle the thought that they were to give away to friends and not keep for herself. Instead, we got one special Minion valentine for her, and a box of Minnie Mouse cards to share with others. She helped me put them together and then we delivered them to all her little friends and some family members.

On Friday my school had Valentine's Day parties, which is always half crazy and half fun. I pretty much ate cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and chocolate for lunch because a treat was showing up at my desk every 20 minutes. Baby brother did seem to enjoy all the sugar! On Saturday we met my grandma for lunch in Salt Lake. Derek and Faye were also able to come, which was fun. Sophie had picked out some colorful flowers to give grandma Mimi to thank her for all she does for us. On Sunday we had church and only two kids showed up to the nursery. We had planned a hand print craft, which Sophie loved, so we let her make 5 cards since there were lots of leftovers. After church Dave made a yummy steak dinner. And then the best part was Monday was a holiday so we didn't have to go to work - hooray!

We took a Valentine's Day picture after church and sent it out to her four great-grandmas

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