February 6, 2016

Park City Getaway

My uncle Brent came up from San Diego this week for a ski trip at Park City. He had a two bedroom condo at the resort and so he invited us to come up for a night to stay with him. We drove up on Sunday after church, had dinner, went swimming, and then played some games after Sophie went to bed. 

On Monday Brent went snowboarding (Dave couldn't go because he didn't have a board at the moment) and we hung out at the resort. It was really nice to get away and Sophie loved the hotel! She cried for 20 minutes when it was time for us to leave, so we told her we would come back on Friday to see Brent again. 

I brought her a few toys to play with in the room, and of course one was her Paw Patrol friends. They are definetly a favorite right now!

Playing puzzles by the fire with mommy

There was one hot tub for kids 5 years and younger that is not as hot as the others. It was perfect for Sophie and for me, since I can't go in the hot ones right now with baby brother. We went swimming on Sunday night and Monday during the day.

Sophie got to have a nap in the king bed during the afternoon while Dave and I did some work. 

When we got home on Monday night Dave was able to pick up his new board! His old board that he got while we were dating broke a few months ago and the replacement came in on Monday - perfect timing! He transferred the bindings to the new board and then we threw poor Burton in the dumpster

Sophie thought daddy's "skate board" was really cool so we got out my skis for her to stand on. We hope to get her up on the mountain next year!

Great day at Park City on Tuesday with Brent. Dave said the new board rode great and he was very happy with it!

On Friday night we went back up to have dinner with Brent and this time my brother Derek also came with Faye. After dinner we had one more hot tub session and Sophie loved swimming with Brent. We then put her down and played some games until it was time to go home. 

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