February 28, 2016

First Haircut

Sophie got her first haircut just over a week ago. I wasn't planning on cutting it (which is why there is no before picture), but one morning while I was combing out some nasty snarls I told Dave, "bring me the scissors." She was watching a show and I just grabbed the bottom and cut right across.

It actually went better than expected and I only had to touch up a couple areas the next time she took a bath. It's a secret though.... she has been adamant that I not cut her hair so I haven't told her what I did. If you happen to see her, don't mention anything :)

Sad to see her baby curls go, but her hair has been so much easier to manage

Even though I took off a couple inches, her hair is still longer than mine

And one from the front because when we got home from church she asked me to go take her picture in the backyard. Then she asked for a chocolate. She knows the routine :)


AmyH said...

Cute! I'm glad to see that jumper getting some use :)

Julie said...

She is the cutest little thing! So mature and sweet for her tender age :) She is excited to be a big sister :)