February 7, 2016

34 Weeks

I've been meaning to do an update for almost a month now and am finally getting around to it. Baby boy turned 34 weeks on Friday, which means just a little over a month to go! Everything has been going smoothly since the last update (other than having to take the glucose test twice) and we are getting excited to meet this little boy. At my appointment a week ago he was measuring right on schedule - about 5 pounds, around the size of a cantaloupe. By the next visit I am supposed to decide if/when I would like to be induced. I prefer to let things happen naturally, but Sophie was late and a little on the large side so I'm leaning towards scheduling an induction around 40 weeks just so he doesn't get too big.

I feel like we are mostly ready for his arrival. Since this is our second, we already have the basic necessities (car seat, bottles, changing table, etc...) and I bought a double stroller on KSL, have a drawer full of tiny clothes, and have started stockpiling diapers. The big thing on our to do list (other than arrange for leave at work) is to rearrange Sophie's little room to fit another bed. She is still in her crib, but more than ready to transition out and we're thinking of skipping the toddler bed and going straight to a twin so guests have somewhere to sleep when they come. It's going to be cozy!

Dave told me I look huge in this picture... 

I have been feeling good lately, but am definitely slowing down. I can't complain though... I still haven't had to deal with many of the common pregnancy ailments like heartburn, contractions, or back pain - just restless nights and low energy. With Sophie I spent most of my final weeks at work and then relaxing on the couch. Now I am still working, but also building legos, playing hide-and-seek, going to the aquarium/museum/library/swimming, giving baths, and picking up the floor several times a day and it's exhausting. I guess it's all just preparing me to be a mother of two!

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AmyH said...

Such a cute bump! Can't believe I won't even see you until after he's already here!