December 24, 2015

Pre-Christmas Festivities

I was really excited to have a full week of time off before Christmas to do fun things with the family and friends. There was never a shortage of fun or food during our trip! Texas also treated us to some amazing weather that week! It was nice to be away from the Utah cold and enjoy some time outside.

Dave and Sophie spent the first few days on their own while I was still in Utah. Sophie helped grandma make a birthday cake for Dave, went to a preschool Christmas program for her cousins, and to a trampoline play place. 

Saturday: The day I arrived we went to a Dallas Stars Hockey game with the family. I really don't know that much about hockey, but it was fun and our team won! Sophie was fascinated by the "time out" box where the players would have to sit for 2 minutes when they didn't play nice. She also convinced grandpa to get some popcorn and had her first taste of cotton candy. 

Silly faces with cousin Liam

Sunday: Sophie in a dress made by Grandmari on Christmas Sunday. She really enjoyed going to the nursery at grandma's church, which was great because she got to go three times during our trip.

Tuesday: One of our big adventures was a trip out to a ranch for a game of frisbee golf. The course is massive and you get to use golf carts to get from hole to hole. It was a beautiful day and fun to spend a whole morning outdoors. 

The kids also had a great time, but it was a long day and we the novelty of a golf cart wore off after a while and we had to find other ways to keep them entertained. The highlight for Sophie was picking out all the M&Ms out of giant bag of trail mix. 

Sophie got to experience her first ever "potty in the woods" during of golf adventure - it was a success! She did so well with the potty during our trip. I was worried she would regress like she did when we traveled over the summer, but she actually made a lot of progress and only had 1 accident over the whole three weeks. Go Sophie girl!

Wednesday: Tim and Cindy hosted a dinner for the whole family and between each course a different family would present part of the Christmas story. Our role was arriving at the inn and the birth of Jesus. I was Mary (great with child!) and Dave was Joseph. Sophie played the innkeeper for the first scene and when it was time for her line she said "there is no room on the inside" - close enough! She then played the baby Jesus and Purple played the part of the swaddling clothes. 

On Christmas Eve we met cousins at a fun park and let the kids run around. As always, Sophie spent most of her time on the swings, but also enjoyed exploring and climbing. She is getting so brave!

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