January 30, 2016

January Roundup

Another month gone by, which is crazy because that means baby boy's due date is only about 6 weeks away now - ahhh! After returning from our Christmas trip we were able to spend some time in Provo at my aunt's house while she was out of town, which is always fun. Dave started stake basketball and Sophie and I enjoy going to cheer on our ward team at the games when they aren't too late. Sophie also went to a birthday party all by herself, had a dental check up (she LOVES the dentist), her first ear infection, and her first sick visit to the doctor. Luckily it was a mild infection and we probably could have skipped the visit if we had known, but are mostly just happy our girl is feeling better.

At church in a new dress she got for Christmas. I'm starting to accept the fact that this is the face I will get if I ask her to smile for me - definitely cheesy!

One afternoon we found a lost dog. He had a collar and a phone number, but no one answered when I tried to call. None of the neighbors recognized him, so I decided to put him in our backyard so he would be safe while I waited to hear back from his owner. 

I finally heard from someone a few hours later. She was out of town and had left him with someone in the neighborhood next to ours and they came to get him just before dinner time. Sophie was thrilled to have a friend for the afternoon, but I was glad he got back to his family.

We are still regular visitors to Thanksgiving Point and the aquarium. It sure is nice having fun things to do nearby! Sophie's favorite activity is always playing with the sand. 

Another favorite is playing with play-doh. On this day she made "scrambly eggs". Once she had had her fun I just swept it all into the trash. I'm glad play-doh is cheap!

We seem to be getting snow about once a week right now. Last week she went out to build a snowman with daddy. He melted after a day, but it was fun to have him in our yard while he lasted. 

Sophie loves snowmen - sometimes a little too much :)

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