November 30, 2015

November Roundup

And here we are in December! Dave and Sophie leave for Texas two weeks from today, and I'll be just a few days behind them. I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner!

November was a great month for us. In the last two weeks I celebrated my 30th birthday (ahhh!!), we went to my cousin's mission homecoming, my grandparents, parents, and sister's family all came to visit, we celebrated Thanksgiving......and I didn't get my camera out once. Ooops.

For the record, though, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend. Sophie spent lots of time with her cousins, and for the first time ever the kids went off to play together and needed little to no adult supervision. It was so nice!! We also went out to eat lots of times (thanks mom & dad), Dave went skiing with my brother and dad, we saw the Hunger Games movie, took the kids to the Curiosity Museum, played lots of games, and ate some delicious food. Sophie's entire Thanksgiving dinner consisted of two different types of jello and pie. Who needs turkey anyway??

Below are some of the other things we did this month (that I remembered to take pictures of):

We went to the aquarium (again) and Sophie asked me to take her picture on this frog. She's entered a new phase where she wants to have her picture taken and then likes to look at them on my phone or camera afterwards. It's nice to finally have a semi-cooperative subject!

Sophie sat down at Dave's computer one day to do some "work." I'd say she did a pretty good job imitating daddy :)

A few days before my birthday I had my follow up scan to check the cyst in baby boy's brain. To our relief, it had resolved and everything else looked great! The scan took a full hour and it was nice to see our little guy again. Next time we look at him will be in person!

Sophie got invited to a cute tea party at the Curiosity Museum for her friend Cora. She got to paint a flower pot and made sure every surface was covered. It's a miracle the paint on that thing dried before we had to go home. 

Sophie decorated our tree this year, and since it's so little, she was able to do the whole thing by herself. She loves Christmas and makes sure we turn on the tree lights as soon as we come downstairs each morning. 

Sophie has been doing so well in panties, but had an accident one night last week. Purple didn't get dirty, but Pink did and she had to sleep without her for the night. In the morning she helped me with the wash and parked herself right in front of the dryer to wait for Pink to be clean. 

We got our Christmas cards sent out! We took the picture (coming soon!) on a Friday, sent the cards in for print to Costco that night, picked them up Saturday, and then Sophie and I stuffed them and put on stamps. I'm feeling so accomplished right now. 

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