December 11, 2015

26 Weeks

Today is the 26 week mark for baby boy - only two weeks to go until we enter the third trimester!! He is definitely growing and I feel like my tummy has really popped in the last month. The parents and kids at school no longer hesitate to ask if I'm expecting because it's pretty obvious now. 

So far I'm still feeling pretty good. The nausea has been gone for awhile now, I sleep comfortably most nights, and can still move around really well. We talk about "brother" often with Sophie and she is excited for him to arrive. This baby is very active throughout the day (and night) and if he turns out to be anything like Dave was as a child, we'll have our hands full! 

Next up for us is the lovely 28 week glucose tolerance test and the rhogam injection (since I'm a negative blood type and Dave is positive).  Since we'll be traveling over the holidays I won't make it in until I'm about 30 weeks, but once that appointment is out of the way there will only be two months to go. Keep up the good work baby boy!

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