November 10, 2015

Fall Leaves & First Flakes

A couple years ago we didn't rake the leaves up in our backyard and then it snowed and all the grass underneath the leaves died. Hearing that bad weather was on the way, I decided I should probably take care of the yard just in case it snowed. Our yard is small and more than half the leaves are still on the tree, but I did manage to scrape together a pile just big enough for Sophie to jump in. She had a fabulous time!

When we woke up in the morning the ground was clear and dry. Before I left for work, however, some flakes started to fall. I showed Sophie and she said "it's so pretty for me!!" She really wanted to go outside and play, even though it was just a dusting, but we had to leave the snow untouched to go down to Orem. When we got home it was lightly raining and the snow on the ground was starting to disappear. She hurried outside and Dave helped her build this tiny snowman, which made her day. I love how much happiness she gets out of the little things!

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