October 30, 2015

Ward Halloween Party and the Fish Costume

This week was our ward Halloween party. It was supposed to be a trunk-or-treat, but rain moved the activity indoors. Families each claimed a small space of the gym and the kids walked around to gather candy. Since Sophie is now old enough to understand Halloween, I let her choose her own costume (she finally settled on a fish), and then Dave and I were a fishing pole and fisherman to match.

And the big surprise this year is that I made Sophie's costume! When I started looking for a fish costume online all I could find was Nemo from the Disney store (not that cute for the price) and one from Pottery Barn (very cute, but also ridiculously expensive), so I decided to make one. I found some pictures online for inspiration and got to work. 

My original plan was to just glue things together, but I have a sewing machine from my grandma that she gave me and thought, how hard could it be?! Let just say I saved a lot of money (total cost for this costume was $5), but it took me probably 15-20 hours to finish. I know nothing about sewing.... one time it took me two hours of bunched thread and jammed fabric because I didn't realize the needle was in backwards. Definitely a learning experience, but I'm proud of how it turned out!

My cute little fish

Her costume from the back - she really loved her fin and tail

Dave got some gummy worms to go with his costume. They weren't supposed to be for eating, but Sophie really wanted one and Dave decided to let her try to bite it off the hook. She was successful and the other kids at the party noticed... they started calling him "worm guy" and followed him around hoping for a tasty treat .

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