October 8, 2015

September Roundup

Another post for another month... September was slightly better documented than August, but still photo light. I was right in the thick of the first trimester and used up my energy on Sophie and work. Our poor house only saw a vacuum a few times all month and Dave pretty much took over all dinner prep and clean up for the entire month - what a man!

One really windy day I told Sophie we could fly a kite... only we didn't own a kite. We went to Walmart and luckily they still have a few kites left, all on clearance! We took our kite over to the field at the high school and she had a fabulous time watching it fly. 

We also made a trip to the farm. The horses are always one of her favorite animals to visit, although lately she has also been loving the chickens. I love the all the animals there are so gentle with these curious little ones. 

One perk of being forever students is we still get to participate in the BYU Gifts of the Heart Exchange, a baby/kid clothing swap for student families. Their first event was in mid September. This isn't the best picture, but you can see how much stuff there is, all free for the taking! Most of the clothes are stained, have holes, or have been worn to death, but I always manage to find a few good things. This time I got Sophie some pants, pajamas, some summer stuff for next year, and a couple dresses. 

We had some really good rain storms one week that made some giant puddles. Sophie loves to go out in the rain, so one day I let her loose and she had a great time (and got soaking wet). 

At the end of the month Dave took a weekend trip to Detroit to go to the BYU vs. Michigan game with his dad and brothers. They had amazing front row seats to watch BYU get embarrassed by Michigan. It was very sad :(

They also played a few rounds of frisbee golf, ate a lot of good local food, and enjoyed seeing the city so the trip wasn't a complete flop. 

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