October 7, 2015

August Roundup

I realize it's October now, so I'm a bit behind, but hope to finally get caught up now that I'm throwing up every few days, instead of a few times every day.

August was a very busy month for us... I went back to work after summer break, Dave traveled for a conference and began preparing to teach fall semester, and Sophie started going to a new babysitter after our old one went back to school. All this resulted in almost no pictures for the entire month, This is literally all of them:

Dave had a management conference in Vancouver for 6 days, so Sophie and I had a week alone together. It was a good week, but we were both very happy when daddy came home. I had a hard time finding the motivation to cook meals for just the two of us while Dave was gone since I was feeling sick, and Sophie doesn't eat much anyway. We ended up having a lot of cereal, macaroni, grilled cheese, and went out a few times. 

Sophie and I managed a few outings to some of our usual places. Thanksgiving Point put together some amazing balloon creations of the "Wonders of the World" over the summer. The exhibits changed weekly and it was always fun to see the new project on display. 

We had our first of a string of power outages. The power went out just after I had put her in the bath, so we finished up by candlelight. After bath, we took a walk, and since the power was still out when we got back, we did the bedtime routine by flashlight. 

This semester Dave is teaching an Organizational Behavior course for the University of Utah business program. They pretty much gave him the book, 65 students, and said here you go! So far things are going well - he's a natural teacher.

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Natalie Fish said...

go Dave! We have a family full of educators :)