July 2, 2015

June Roundup

June was a fantastic month for us, other than insurance drama with our car, which we still do not have back. I had the first week off from work, and then worked shorter hours for the rest of the month. Sophie really enjoyed the extra time with me and we had some fun adventures. I attended my first ever library story time, we made good use of our aquarium and Thanksgiving Point membership, went swimming, and took lots of "hikes" through our neighborhood. For one week, we also went down to Provo to house-sit for my aunt, which is always fun.

We have also definitely entered the terrible twos. She is still smart, sweet, and silly, but we are seeing more and more of the dramatic side. So many emotions in such a little body! This week has been amazing, but last week was full of "mommy go AWAY, no say that, my do it, no touch me" and so on. I love her to death, but am learning that sometimes you just have to step back and ride out the storms. Luckily her happy self never stays away for too long.

In mostly phone pics, here is what we were up to last month:

Sophie with her besties at the farm - we also went to the aquarium and dinosaur museum with them

Sometimes this is the only way a dinner gets made

Wedding reception for my cousin Tyler - she loved GG's jewelry.

A very hot wagon ride at Farm Country


Jane Anne said...

She looks so grown up with her hair pulled up in a ponytail!

AmyH said...

That video is hilarious!! I think I will have to make her some storm cloud pjs too and she can match with Will :)