July 5, 2015

Fourth of July 2015

We normally travel over the 4th, but this year we were still in Utah. We had a great day with some close-to-home activities and enjoyed spending time with family. Our morning started with the ward pancake breakfast at a nearby park, then we met up with my mom and brother at my grandma's house, and we finished our day with some fireworks, of course.

She arrived at the breakfast in style!

Proud and grateful to be Americans!

The breakfast started at 8:30, but pancakes didn't start coming off the griddles until 9:15 due to a power issue. We were glad there was a playground nearby to help pass the time and distract this girl from her hungry tummy. 

Hooray for pancakes - yes, she has pancake in her mouth, but this was the best one we got.

After the breakfast we went up to Salt Lake to help move some furniture from my grandma's house. The majority of the furniture is from the room where I used to stay as a child and I'm glad it's new home will be my parent's house, where my children will use it someday. After the packing was complete, we went to lunch with my mom, Derek, and my grandma Mimi at Little America - delicious as always!

Dave is a master trailer-loader. It's one of his hidden talents. There was doubt about whether everything would fit, but he got it all with room to spare!

We finished off our day with some fireworks. Since Sophie is only 2, it wasn't worth fighting the crowds and putting up with the heat to get a good viewing spot for the city fireworks display. Instead we put her down for bed, and then got her up again 10 minutes before the show, drove to a parking lot about a mile away, and had our own personal show. Not the best, but we did have a good view and she loved it. 

Happy 4th of July!

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