July 26, 2015

Emerald Isle 2015 - Part Two

The second half of our trip we still spent plenty of time at the beach, but also decided to try a few other activities on the island. We went on a harbor cruise, made a trip to the aquarium, Dave and I went to see Jurassic World while we had babysitting, and we had a girl's night out with shopping and DQ blizzards. The end of the week always seems to come so soon and it's hard to leave. We hope it works to come back again in another couple years!

Part of the family went on a trip to Cape Lookout, but it was going to be a long adventure so we decided a harbor cruise in Beaufort would be better for the little kids. 

Sophie was really excited to go on a boat. We saw lots of animals, including wild horses that live on the island, but even 40 minutes started to feel long to the little kids so Uncle Tim kept them busy with an exciting game of "Who can see a green boat?"

On Thursday we went to the island aquarium. It's a fun little place and the kids and adults both had a good time.

More beach fun

My little mermaid

Some of the days were really windy, which helped with the heat. It also meant we saw lots of kite boarders. I'm always amazing at how fast they go whipping over the water. 

Getting ready to go home - Dave did a fabulous job watching Sophie while I got our suitcases packed up. Until next time!

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