June 23, 2015

These little piggies had roast beef

I love these little feet, but they are impossible to find shoes for. I've been on the hunt for a few months and every option I've tried on her has failed. Flip flops make her cry because her second toe overlaps with her big toe. We've borrowed shoes from her cousin and I've bought and returned several pairs from the store, and I can't get her foot in a single one of them. Why are all little girl shoes so narrow?

Love these little piggies, even if they drive me crazy

We're down to water shoes and rain boots as the only footwear that still fits. Which one do you think would look best for church??

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Christina G said...

Rain boots, definitely! Henry broke his foot a few months ago wearing flip flops, so those are a no-go around here too! We have trouble keeping his feet dry (he likes to dump water on them while playing at his water table, or running through freshly watered flowers!), so the water shoes and rain boots are a great idea!