June 10, 2015

So long diapers...

We are one week into potty training and I haven't had this much anxiety about anything since she was a newborn - how long has it been? how much has she had to drink? can we risk a trip out of the house?? BUT, it is going well!

Last week I was off work and I decided to go for it. There are a hundred methods out there for potty training, but I just switched her straight to panties and we've been figuring things out along the way. She had eight accidents the first day and cried for her diapers, but we stuck to it and things have gotten better. We've had only one horrible incident so far (panties went straight into the restroom garbage) and are now down to just one, and sometimes zero accidents a day.

I have to stop our play and take her to the potty 90% of the time, but I'm hoping with practice she will learn how to tell on her own when it's time to go. To keep her motivated she gets to bring a small toy with her to the potty, receives a mini M&M after each successful trip, and we bought her some Frozen panties at the store. We are still using diapers for naps and night until our current diaper box runs out. We are so proud of you Sophie!

She's a big kid now! 
(Only we can't say it to her face, because she is very literal and says that she is a little girl and mommy and daddy are big)

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