June 12, 2015


Last Saturday Sophie and I went on a walk to get the mail. The sky was dark and on our way back some raindrops started to fall. We hurried inside and a minute later the skies let loose. Sophie immediately put on a "rain outfit" of slippers, scarf, and hat and begged to go outside to play, but I decided this crazy storm was a little too big for her.

Video: I know some people see storms like this often, but this is a big one for Utah!

We opened up the front door so we could watch and listen to the rain. I had to hold her back a few times when the urge to run outside got too strong. 

I've always loved thunder storms, but now I love them even more because it turns my little girl into koala. Thunder makes her just a little bit scared and this is one time that she likes to have  me close.

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