June 9, 2015

Coming Home

It's never fun coming home from vacation, and the travel back from Europe is exhausting. We left the ship just after 7:00 am and, even without delays, didn't make it home until 10:30 that evening - add in the 9 hour time change and it was 24 hours of travel. It's good to be home though and get back into the routine of things. I am over my jet lag and all caught up on laundry so life is good!

I'm never good at sleeping on planes, but one of the times that I did fall asleep I woke up to the flight attendant asking me if I wanted "reindeer or cheese". My groggy mind wasn't ready to make a decision, so we got one of each. It was a pita with butter and then reindeer or cheese. Dave took the cheese and I took the reindeer one, which sort of tasted like a combination of salami, beef, and some smokey flavor. 

Dave catching a nap during our layover in San Francisco

In San Francisco I turned my phone back on after a week and received a voice mail that our car had been involved in a parking lot accident. I don't know how you do this much damage pulling out of a parking space, but at least the guy turned in his insurance information to the front desk so we are not having to bear any responsibility for the repair. 

My amazing visiting teacher picked us up at the airport since our car needed a tow. Insurance is giving us a rental car while ours is in the shop. It's a Dodge Charger and I feel very awkward driving it around with Sophie since the only other Charger in the neighborhood belongs to a bachelor. 

The best part about coming home was picking up our Sophie girl on Sunday morning. We really enjoyed our trip, but it was hard to be away from her for 10 days.  She seemed so big was talking so well. She did well with her babysitters, but was glad to have us home. 

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Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun trip! Glad you got to go :)