May 13, 2015

These are the good days

Tonight I felt like I should do a blog post, but as I thought back over the last week or so, only depressing things came to mind. We've had a string of bad luck lately, but things ARE good so I guess this is great opportunity to push my negative thoughts away and count my blessings.

Blessing #1: This girl. She definitely is a light in our lives and makes us laugh all day long. I am so grateful to be her mother. In two short years she has taught me so much about love, patience, sacrifice, and joy. 

The other day there was a napkin lying on the ground and Dave asked Sophie to pick it up and throw it in the garbage. She obeyed and we praised her! Next thing I knew she had taken all the brand new napkins I had just put in the dispenser and also threw them in the trash. 
She was SO proud about the pile of napkins she put in the trash that she told me she wanted a prize, specifically a treat. How can you resist that sweet face?! I had to teach her that clean napkins don't need to go in the garbage, but then gave her two chocolate chips for her efforts.
With "Head". She put him together all by herself
First taste of twinkie - gotta love that creamy filling!
Bubble Beards!

Blessing #2: We have been able to spend lots of time with family recently! My grandma Mimi lives here in Utah and we love seeing her every couple weeks. My mom also came down to take my little brother home from BYU and we got to spend a few days with both of them. And, my grandparents from California came to visit for two weeks! While they were here we had a Lambert-side get together to celebrate one cousin's engagement and another cousin's baby that was soon to arrive. 

Sophie with Great Grandpa and Grandma Lambert
Four generation lunch with my Grandma Mimi, my mom, and Sophie
Lambert Family Dinner

Blessing #3: Dave. He is the best husband and father. I am spoiled daily by him. He also recently passed his oral and written exams! He is now considered a PhD candidate, instead of a student, and will continue to work on research, his dissertation, and prepare to teach a business class at the University of Utah in the fall. 

As I was cleaning the freezer over the weekend  the cookie dough tub, that I thought hadn't even been opened, was suspiciously light when I took it off the shelf. Now I know where Dave's extra 10 pounds came from!

Blessing #4: Vacation! One week from today we are headed on a cruise without Sophie. She will be in great hands while we're away, but I'm still getting anxious about leaving her. I haven't done anything to prepare for this trip and it's just around the corner. Time to start packing!

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