May 4, 2015

Payson Temple Open House

I had never been to a temple Open House, so when I found out that there were still some tickets for the Payson Temple while my mom was in town, and while we were staying close by in Provo I decided to plan a family outing. I was not sure how to best prepare Sophie for the experience. We sing "I Love to See the Temple" often, but she really doesn't know what a temple is so I told her it was Jesus' house and would be beautiful, like a castle. 

She was very excited to go in, but HATED the booties they put on your feet to keep the floors clean. She only made it a few steps before breaking down and begging to take them off. In the end we had to carry her through the entire temple, which is not easy now she's over 30 pounds. The temple was amazing though. All temples are pretty, but Payson had so many extra details that made it special. The windows, carpets, woodwork, and even the elevators were so beautiful. (see photos of the interior here) I'm grateful we were able to visit and see this beautiful House of the Lord. 

Catching a ride on daddy's shoulders so we wouldn't be late for the start of our tour

My sweet girl

It made her very happy to find Jesus in the tent after our tour was done

Our forever family

Sophie was sad her Disney friends could not come to the "castle," so we put them by the window so they could see it 

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Angela said...

I love your last picture of Sophie's Disney friends looking out the window at the temple. So cute!