April 17, 2015

Spring Break in Texas - Part Two

We've been back in Utah for a week now, so I decided it's probably time to post the second half of our trip:

THURSDAY: Today was supposed to be stormy, but we decided to test our luck and spend the morning at a park. It was a great decision - the rain never came and Sophie had soooo much fun there. I wish we had a park that awesome near us. The best part was we randomly ran into Cindy and Liam there so Sophie had someone to play with!

That night we took advantage of having available babysitting and went to a movie. We saw Insurgent and I didn't love it. The majority of the movie was needlessly depressing and brutal, but it was nice to have a night out. 

FRIDAY: We went to the Perot Museum in Dallas with Liz, Grandma Howe, Cindy, Lincoln and Liam. I was able to go for free with my Thanksgiving Point membership - an added bonus! The engineering section had tons of hands on activities that the kids loved. It was an amazing museum. and we only saw maybe a quarter of the exhibits before the kids got tired/hungry and we called it a day. 

Testing to see if our structure could withstand an earthquake and it did!

Sophie loved these remote control robots

And I just had to include this picture because her face cracks me up :)

SATURDAY: Today the adults + Jack went to an escape room while the little kids stayed back with a sitter. I told Dave before we left that I thought having a zombie in the room was dumb. What was the point? Why pay a guy to dress like a zombie and be in the room with us for an hour? Well, now I understand. This zombie earned his money and made the whole experience WAY more intense. He was constantly lunging for us and made it so much harder to keep track of clues and solve the puzzles. With just a little help, we escaped the room with 2 minutes to spare, and lost only 2 of our crew to the zombie. Go us!

That night we met up with a group of friends at the Palmer's house. It was a fun night of dinner, games and chatting. We're always sad we only get to see everyone a couple times a year. I didn't take many pictures, but I did get this one of Sophie and Grayson, who is only a few weeks younger. They would be good buddies if they lived closer!

SUNDAY: This was our last day in Texas. We went to church and Sophie did great at the strange nursery, and I enjoyed getting to attend the other meetings for a change (I'm the nursery leader in our ward). Sophie wore her Easter dress, but I forgot to take a picture :( After church the whole family came over for dinner, and then we ate some delicious ice cream cake to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday, which is next week. Sophie started crying uncontrollably when everyone left to go home. I thought she would be relieved to finally have some space and quiet, but apparently she loved her cousins more than I thought. Luckily we will get to see them again in a few months at the beach!

MONDAY: Unfortunately good prices for flights don't always equal good schedules, and we had to fly out at 6 am on Monday. Sophie handled the early wake up like a champ and even managed to take a little nap on the plane. She is such a good traveler. Our flight got in early enough for me to go home, change, and then head to work - straight back to real life. We are so glad we could make the trip and so thankful for our family and friends who made it such a fun week!

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