April 22, 2015

Burp in Bed

Sophie rarely awakes in the night needing help, so it surprised me to hear her crying around 2 am. I went into her room and found her and her bed covered in vomit. This was her first time throwing up, and I'm grateful we made it two years without her ever getting sick. She stopped crying as soon as I came in and told me, "Sophie coughing...Sophie burp in bed...bed yucky, blankies yucky, Sophie yucky." Poor thing - it was a sad scene.

I scooped her up and put her in the bath to clean her hair, face, and arms. Dave came in to see what had happened and took over bath, while I stripped and cleaned her bed. I was worried about how she would do without her blankies for the rest of the night (historically she has been pretty upset when they go in the wash), but she seemed to accept that they were messy and needed to take a bath too.

Since she was pretty confused and scared by the incident and not ready to go back to sleep right away, I sat and rocked her for almost an hour. I wasn't thrilled about the early hour, but I did enjoy having her on my lap, snuggled close. She is getting so big and we don't get to cuddle as much as we used to.

Sophie woke up this morning feeling ready to play blocks, dance, eat breakfast and go to the aquarium so I'm hoping this was a one time thing and not a stomach bug!

Feeling a little tired, but happy this morning!

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Jane Anne said...

What a sweet girl. It's so sad when they throw up! We are going through the same thing this week. I hope she continues to feel better!