April 30, 2015

April Roundup

April flew by! We enjoyed our Easter holidays, conference, our trip to Texas, and are now looking forward to summer! My school has only 19 days until the end of the year and I think I'm looking forward to the break as much as the kids. Until then, here's what we've been up to this month:

Painting with water on the pavement - always a favorite

First experience with brownie batter - she LOVED it!!

Mommy and Sophie before church

Sophie made herself this bed on a storage tub while I was sorting through her clothes. This girl also just went through a growth spurt and I am realizing that all the 2T clothes I got her for summer are not going to fit. Time to go shopping!

Upside down crazy hair

Orienteering at Sugar House Park with Uncle Derek

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AmyH said...

I think she might be bigger than Will now. He's still in his 2t stuff :) We have an enormous amount of 3t girl things that might never be used again by us. Jeremy's parents are headed your way next weekend. Send me a list and I can send them with a box!